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MOSA Cream Chargers

MOSA is based in the Huawei Science Park in Taiwan and spans across a staggering 140,000 square-meter area. Having innovated products since their opening in 1988, they have been pushing the status-quo for disposable compressed gas cartridges ever since.

MOSA Cream
Chargers in Bulk

MOSA has continued to invest in technology to improve the cream chargers and retain the perfect product-to-market fit. But, more specifically, it’s the technology to fill the cylinders that has been essential to their success.

MOSA Geographical

On track to becoming a leading brand for large-scale production both locally and internationally, MOSA will continue to succeed because of the company’s favourable geographical location.

What you need to know about Cream Chargers

Cream chargers are small canisters of pressurised gas (nitrous oxide, or N2O). When injected into cream, the N2O reacts with the fats, gelatines and other stabilising agents in the cream to create a foam, resulting in whipped cream. Since N2O exists naturally in our atmosphere, this process occurs when whipping cream manually, but the use of cream chargers makes the process much easier.

Which brand should I buy?

While standard whipped cream chargers are all non-refillable and non-refillable steel bulbs containing food-grade N2O, they are sadly not all created to the same high standards. When purchasing cream chargers from creamchargers.co.uk, you can rest assured that we only ever stock reputable brands like SmartWhip, FastGas, Liss, Mosa, meaning you’re guaranteed a quality product that meets with all relevant safety standards.


With the innovative whipped cream charger, you can have a time-saving cream charging experience and have a much larger amount of Nitrous Oxide compared to traditional cream chargers.

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