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Mosa cream charger | mosa canister

Quantity: 360 Cream Chargers in 24 boxes.

Mosa Cream Charger

Mosa cream Charger. With these cream chargers and the cream whipper, you can whip up whipped cream or espumas – sweet , or salty foam toppings to food items.

Size: 8g chargers.

Mosa are a Industrial Corporation created a line of consumer priced cream whippers that today have no rivals in terms of prices and the quality. Mosa are among the largest producers for disposable gas cartridges. Their products include making carbonating soda, for pumping up tyresand whipping cream and for inflating automobile airbags.
In 2009, Mosa relocated to a purpose constructed factory in Yunlin in Taiwan’s Western Coast of Taiwan from where they are continuing to increase the range of products they offer.

With these cream chargers and the cream whipper, you can whip up whipped cream or espumas – sweet , or salty foam toppings to food items.

MOSA is regarded as the top brand for cream chargers. They are used by chefs throughout Europe as well as Asia. Each charger is constructed of 100 recycled steel and comes with 8g of pure Nitrous Oxide. Mosa anodize each charger to prevent corrosion, which protects the quality of the gas within and guarantees that your whip cream tastes as it ought to.

Made in the Mosa site of the state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Taiwan.

*Boxes could differ in style. All items are high-end Mosa silver-colored creamer chargers. Available with packs of either 24, or 50.


  • To be used in all cream whippers that are standard however, they will not work with Kisag whippers.
  • Filled with N2O that is certified pure. Without oily residues.
  • Lacquered to stop kitchen moisture from creating the charger to rust.
  • Electronically weighed to assure minimum 8 grams in Nitrous Oxide.
  • It can turn a half one litre of whipping milk into as much as 1.5litres of whipping cream! Much more than whipping using mechanical methods.

Cartridge data:

  • Cartridge holds eight grams (10 Cubic cms) of pure N2O, at a pressure of 60bar/900psi.
  • Cartridge Volume/Water capacity: 10ml.
  • Filling Pressure 8MPa
  • Non-Threaded.
  • Cartridge total weight: 28gm.
  • Size: 66mm x 17.8mm.

For those over 18 only This product isn’t sold to children under 18.

Resellers, please ensure that your customers are of a legal age. If you’re selling, it is necessary to have an approved wholesale bank account through us.

Misuse: We will not be able to offer Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Cream Charger cartridges to you if we believe you will misuse them or are younger than 18. For more details on the due diligence we perform, you can visit the ‘ misuse of N2O page.

Manufacturers ‘ Safety Instructions: Pressurised gasses need to be handled with care because of their nature. product and the risk of contamination. Please ensure that you have read and understood the manufacturer’s safety guidelines prior to ordering Cream Chargers.


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